Sam Gatsby Lim He/Him

Cambodian- Chinese Australian, Sam is a Sydney based artist, performer and professional mischief maker. Educated in Australia and the UK in performance, circus and contemporary dance he has had a rich life travelling the world as an actor, dancer and model. Surrounded by kindred spirits in London he was mentored by artists, queers, trans folk and sex workers which has informed his art practice and life.

During this charmed time in Europe, he was introduced to the joys of Japanese style rope bondage only to discover it was a sense of empowerment over his own sexuality that he was truly seeking. Within a community of bondage masters, riggers and sex workers, Sam saw many men struggling with the overwhelming fear and shame related to Kink and sex in general. 

Recently he has started to host workshops, private coaching sessions, and sex positive events with the intention to create a friendlier kink community. He runs a weekly Ropeclub holding a safe space for exploration, connection, joy and playfulness in a sex positive and educational environment.

Sam hopes to play a part in helping queer men better understand themselves through kink, connection and as a community. He hopes to normalise sexual empowerment, exploration, self love and a better understanding of consent within our society.

Through photography he celebrates the male form seeking to create beauty in unexpected places, creating images in collaboration with a sexy army of friends, lovers and his queer community.

To connect Sam can be reached at gatsby@samgatsbylim.com