Test Shooting in Melbourne 9 & 10 Jan.
6:30 PM18:30

Test Shooting in Melbourne 9 & 10 Jan.

I'll be in Melbourne the weekend 8-11 Jan and looking to shoot Male models for my 

Book project:   NOT SO BLACK AND WHITE

I am currently looking for male models comfortable in their own skin. If you would like to pose for me for me or know of anyone who might be suited please get in touch. I am looking for fit men from diverse backgrounds.   Models will receive a signed copy of the book and an 11" x 12" Metallic print.

NSBW is a black and white exploration of the male nude. It will be published in a hard cover, limited edition of 1000, numbered books. 

I have been working on this series between 2005 to the present. 


 You can get in touch with me on +61 439972808  or email me on samgatsbylim@gmail.com



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